No Energy Gap

No Energy Gap

We all want the world to be a better place to live in. As such, we want ensure that our resources do not go to waste. We are in a constant search for alternative energy sources that we can use so that we will be able to sustain life here on Earth. There are a lot of institutions right now that are conducting different studies to find other sources of energy. We have become accustomed to depending on one aspect of our environment that we have failed to notice that we can utilize other resources which are still in abundance.


According to, we need to stop using non-renewable sources of energy because they are becoming more and more scarce. Example of these include natural gas, coal, fossil fuels, and petroleum oil. If we want to make life more sustainable here in this world we need to look for other free energy sources. Scientists have already conducted lots of studies regarding this and they have identified several things that we can make use of. These sources will not harm the environment and are therefore very ideal especially in the condition that we are living in right now.

One such example is the heat of the sun. The sun has been there since time immemorial and we have failed to maximize the power that it provides us. It has brought huge amounts of light and heat energy since the beginning of time. There are many tools that we can use to convert this heat to more usable forms of energy. It can also be used to warm the water that we are going to use. For example, instead of using fuel for machines that will heat outdoor pools, we can just use heating systems which obtain its energy from the sun.

Another element that is ever present is the wind. Wind energy are usually obtained from sails, turbines, and windmills. In many parts of the world, windmills have been installed in strategic locations to help in generating the energy needed by that specific place. The motion of the mills assist in forming kinetic energy that can be also be converted to electricity. A lot of homes and residential areas depend on wind energy for the electricity that they use daily. Some businesses also use them for commercial purposes. The wind has enough capability to generate huge amounts of electricity.

Lastly, water energy can also be used as an effective source. The power is obtained from the movement of natural water and also, water that is operated and controlled by water turbines and waterwheels. This hydro energy is also common across all countries in the world. Since water is abundant in many parts of the world, the utilization of this form of energy can also be used instead of fossil fuels which are already being depleted. All of these alternative energies should be continuously studied on so that we will have more information as to how we can maximize them.